Northern Chesapeake Bay (Baltimore, Chesapeake City) - June 2006

We passed under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on the way up the bay from St. Michaels toward Baltimore. The bridge is actually two bridges - one for each direction of traffic.  From the looks of the different bridge designs, we're figuring that one was added after the first one in order to double the traffic capacity.  We're not sure, but we think the one on the left is the newer of the two spans.

Two of the many Chesapeake Bay lighthouses that we passed during out trip up the bay.

We saw this neat little sailboat ghosting along on the bay when we were heading north.  'Ghosting' may be the right word since we never saw anyone out in the cockpit actually steering her!

We were able to get a spot at the city docks in Baltimore harbor when we arrived.  The city docks are a 'first come - first serve' dock and it fills up rapidly, especially on the weekends and holidays.  It's a great place to stay since it's located in Baltimore's inner harbor, which is in the heart of the city. The second picture was taken from the top of Federal Hill, which is adjacent to the harbor.

We happened to notice a trapeze school operating in an area near the harbor.  This kid seemed to be a natural. 

The USS Constellation was also docked in the inner harbor.

The harbor is also home to the Chesapeake lightship as well as the USS Torsk submarine.  We were able to take a tour on both the Chesapeake as well as the Torsk.

Jeremy was eyeing up the bunks on the Torsk - and tried one out for size.  I have to admire the crew that served aboard this sub.  It was amazingly cramped on board.  They would all have to be able to really get along with one another and also find ways to stay out of each other's way.  Makes our little floating home seem like a palace!

You never know WHO you're going to meet when wandering around a new city.  I met this pirate who was getting ready to head out for a cruise on the tall ship shown below.  

There was a kiosk renting these little dragon paddle boats in one section of the harbor.  You can just about make out the guy in a little outboard boat just outside of them.  His job was to keep the dragons from getting too far away from the little area close to the docks. Kind of like herding cats.

This is a picture of the Wolf Trap lighthouse north of Baltimore.  Note the little 'outhouse' off on the left hand side.  

Heading north from Baltimore, we headed into the Chesapeake and Delaware canal on route to Delaware Bay.  Chesapeake City is a small town on the canal a few miles after the entrance on the Chesapeake Bay side.  We stopped over for one night and took advantage of the free city dock along the sea wall.  That's Tardis on the left hand side docked behind a little sailboat.  There's a big ship heading down the canal and under the bridge toward the Chesapeake Bay.

This is a picture of one of the streets in Chesapeake City that leads down to the canal waterfront.

We saw the Godspeed while we were in Chesapeake City. She's a replica of the original Godspeed that brought the first settlers to Jamestown. She's on a tour of the northeast that will eventually take her up into Maine.

We were sitting on dock by our boat in the evening, when this huge car carrier came down the canal.  Glad we weren't out there when that baby was coming down the waterway. That's Jeremy standing on the dock


This is picture of two of the many bridges that cross the Chesapeake and Delaware canal.  Many of the newer suspension bridges built on the east coast are of the design of the one shown in the picture below.

The Godspeed left a few hours before we did.  We eventually caught up with her on Delaware Bay as she was passing a tug going the other way.  

This looks like the Godspeed is pulling the barge - but it's really on the end of a long line attached to the tug that passed it earlier!

Another tall ship we passed while out on the Delaware Bay.  That's the Godspeed in the distance.

Updated June 30, 2006

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